who we are

Headquartered in Denmark, which operates the sixth-largest merchant fleet in the world and transports 10% of the total world trade – we have business partners spanning the world. Our pedigree and history shows that the family behind Alpina Group has been present in the shipping and trading industry for over half a century.

Alpina have been partners and commercial managers for Tomini Shipping for over 40 years and presently operate 27 modern bulk carriers of 38,000 mt dwt up to 179,816 mt dwt.

Tomini Shipping is a family-owned business whose roots have been deeply embedded in the shipping industry for over 70 years, now headquartered in Dubai and represented by fourth generation of the Shaikh family.

Alpina Chartering is also a family-owned business which is now represented by next generation of the Kampmann family which has been active as Charterers and Ship Operators for over half a century in Denmark and abroad.

we believe

out of diversity comes opportunity

We believe that diversity in age, gender, nationality and religion is very important to expand our horizons. Diversity and differences enable us to approach various challenges and opportunities from different angles.

the right staff is crucial

…in a market space where competencies and personal network is of the essence. We strive to hire the best in class to ensure that we are always on the leading edge of the market. Efforts are invested in promoting the pursuit of increased and new competences.


Responsibility, involvement and trust motivates our employees to thrive, excell and develop continuously. It is in our DNA to be proactive and accountable to our clients. If an unavoidable problem arises we step together and solve it as a team. Nothing is left to chance.

our values

Our company values give our employees guidance for their work and help them understand what we stand for as a company. This helps them achieve Alpina Charterings visions and goals which are to offer a bespoke service with a high level of personal contact with our clients.
Our main focus is servicing our Owner clients with second to none commercial ship management and a first class performance to our Charterers.

Transparent management and leadership

When working in Alpina Chartering you will experience that transparent management and leadership are not just fancy words but something we live by. Everybody is involved. We belive that by giving everybody their share of responsibility they deliver better results and comes up with better solutions.

Client focus

We listen to our clients, understand their needs and find solutions.

Dependable, reliable and proactive

It is important that you can trust us and vice versa. Both in honoring agreementens and showing due diligence, because we prioritize strong and long term relations.

Agility and High Performance

Agile mindsets, collaborative communication and delegation of authority to our in-house experts across the entire organization allows us to take quick decisions and be ahead of competition.

our partnership

Alpina Group and Tomini group partnership goes back to the late 1970’s. Alpina has developed from being competitive brokers to exclusive brokers and since 2015 full fledged partners.

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next generation

Alpina Chartering in Denmark is controlled by 2nd generation of the Kampmann family which has been acctive as Charterers and Ship Operators for more than 50 years.

Tomini Shipping is head quartered in Dubai and is now represented by 4th generation of the Shaikh family and has been active as ship owners for over 70 years.